Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pompeii & Sorrento

I had signed up for this school trip early in the semester and was excited the day had finally come. We took off to Pompeii early in the morning and, six hours later, we finally arrived to this famous city of ruins.

Before visiting the archeological site, we ate lunch and passed by the huge cathedral of Pompeii, but we didn't have time to go inside.

The bell tower of the cathedral.

The plazza.

So we arrived to the outskirts of the ruins. This is the cemetary of the freed slaves, who weren't allowed to be buried inside the city.

Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and killed an entire city. People died from volcano gases and ash and the stones that caused their homes to collapse. The layer of ash and stone is visible in this pic.

The entrance to the archeological site.

The streets of Pompeii as it was in 79 AD.

This used to be a bar.

They are one of the many families who could not escape the volcano eruption.

Mount Vesuvius

This was a gymnasium with a swimming pool in the courtyard.

Pompeii's "colossuem"

Inside the colosseum

Stone seats used to be where the grass is but people stole to make their houses.

A house.

One of the more well-preserved houses.

A reconstructed mural that was inside this house by the courtyard.

The five gods on the wall represents the days the bar was open: Martedi (Mars), Mercoledi (Mercury), Giovedi (Jupiter), Venerdi (Venus), e Sabato (Saturn).

Political advertising.

Preserved murals.

Inside the amphitheater, our tour guide explained to us that if you stand exactly in the middle, your voice sounds loud as if you were talking into a microphone, and if you talk in a loud enough voice, you can feel an echo...many of us tried was cool!

The Forum.

Fish Market.

The bones of this person's foot is still visible.

Place for hot baths.

Decorations inside the hot baths.

A pregnant woman.

This dog couldn't escape because it was chained.

Their standard measure for wheat and grains.

Outside the archeological site.

We were really thirsty after our three hour tour so we bought fresh limeade slushes...delicious!

Walking to our bus.

Leaving Pompeii behind.

We traveled to Sorrento, where we were going to stay for the night.

Our hotel's pool.

We were lucky to get the view of the pool. But it is still to cold go swimming... : (

In Sorrento, I walked around and found this really interesting sandal shop.

You can pick, and mix and match colors of sandals. And the owners will make it for you in ten minutes!

After a nice dinner, we visited a limoncello factory and had several different tastes of limoncello. Cream limoncello was my favorite!

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