Sunday, April 19, 2009


We left Sorrento around 7:30am to be on time for our ferryboat ride to Capri.

This is Sorrento as we were leaving.

Arriving to Capri.

It was a foggy morning.

Just a beautiful hotel.

We ate at this nice pizzeria restaurant. Mariah Carrie is a usual customer here including Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jack Nickolson, and Queen Latifa. The pictures of these celebrities are all over the entrance.

We weren't lucky to see a celebrity though.

Me and Areli on the Teti, waiting for our island tour.

The famous and beautiful Blue Cave.

We could have gone inside the cave in a smaller boat but the waters were rough and dangerous.

The Green Cave.

I actually saw some cute jellyfish.

The Love Arch.

Me and Areli again : )

The Red Cave.

The White Cave.

On our way back to Napoli after a long and rainy day.

We didn't tour Napoli since our tour guide considers it a dangerous town, but we did pass this castle as we were walking to our bus.

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