Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuscany Bike Tour

Brenda, Areli, and I shuttled out of Florence to a small town called Chiesanuova, where our 12-mile bike tour around the Chianti region was to start. We had a friendly guide to lead the way. We explored the vine-covered hills south of Florence and pedalled through a landscape of cypress trees, olive groves, and rustic fams. We even visited Machiavelli's old home from the 1500's, toured a winery, and had delicious wine and olive oil tasting. We ate lunch at San Casciano and had a gelato (ice cream) break in Cerbaia. : ) I had a wonderful time! I loved the peaceful country roads and its amazing views. And riding a bike was so exhilerating and fun!

Florence vs. Rome Soccer Game

After the bike tour, we made it just in time for the Florence vs. Rome soccer game. These two teams are big rivals, the way K-State and KU are. People croweded the streets in purple, the soccer team's color. I am representing K-State : )

The stadium was crowded and loud. I was close to the field and had a great view of the mountain!

Each team's logo.

Names of each Florentine player.

Just us excited about the game!

This is when the players first came out. The crowd went wild!

The game when it first started. Florence made its first goal within the first half of the game.

The Roman section is gated. They are such big rivals that no one sits close to that section and security guards are a must. Italians can get dangerous during soccer games!

When Florence scored the first goal, the crowd went wild and ran towards the Roman section. Not even the guards could stop them!

Fans were screaming and chanting traditional songs in Italian. I had no clue what they were saying.

It was a great game! Florence won 4 to 1. It scored its last three goals during the second half.

After the game

After the game, we celebrated at a restaurant with other friends and ate pizza.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We left Sorrento around 7:30am to be on time for our ferryboat ride to Capri.

This is Sorrento as we were leaving.

Arriving to Capri.

It was a foggy morning.

Just a beautiful hotel.

We ate at this nice pizzeria restaurant. Mariah Carrie is a usual customer here including Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jack Nickolson, and Queen Latifa. The pictures of these celebrities are all over the entrance.

We weren't lucky to see a celebrity though.

Me and Areli on the Teti, waiting for our island tour.

The famous and beautiful Blue Cave.

We could have gone inside the cave in a smaller boat but the waters were rough and dangerous.

The Green Cave.

I actually saw some cute jellyfish.

The Love Arch.

Me and Areli again : )

The Red Cave.

The White Cave.

On our way back to Napoli after a long and rainy day.

We didn't tour Napoli since our tour guide considers it a dangerous town, but we did pass this castle as we were walking to our bus.