Sunday, March 1, 2009

Venice and its islands, Murano and Burano

We got to Venice during the night...the water looked real nice. We took a boat ride to our hotel.

The Rialto Bridge

We arrived to our tiny hotel room.

We had a nice view ...a brick building one foot away!

We got to view the streets during the day. I loved it!

Oooh..i wanted a ride too!

Of course, there are no cars here

As we walked around we passed by some toy shops.

This is a church right by our hotel. It is partially hidden by another building.

I liked this costume...

In front of the Basilica di San Marco

The plaza

Basilica di San Marco

On top of the Basilica

The Market

One of Venice's streets

Tourists walking towards their water taxis.

Passing the Gondola's. I was tempted to get on one of those...

Cruising through the sky

MURANO- the city of glassblowing

On our way to Murano!

Leaving Venice behind

Passing by some other islands

The cemetary had an island of its own.

Finally, at Murano. Standing by the Glass Comet Star.

The glassblower was shaping the glass into a horse using heat and forceps.

The finished horsie.

The glass woman

I don't know what this was but everybody touched its hand...I'm hoping its for luck!
BURANO- the city of lace

On our way to Burano!


Lace for sale.
Lace is expensive here; some were selling for over 100 Euros!

Me, standing by all the pretty houses.
Ladies following a generation of making lace.

I couldn't believe there was a store named like me! I had to take a pic : )

We marveled at all the tiny colorful houses. My favorite ones were the pink ones, of course.

It seemed like Laundry Day

On one of the neighborhood bridges...

A lonely sailboat on our way back to Venice...

On our way to Venice, I was glad I didn't get seasick after all the boat rides. It had been my first time on a boat!

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