Sunday, March 8, 2009

The French Riviera

ST. PAUL DE VENCE- City of famous artists

This is St. Paul de Vence on a hill top.

Entering the city walls.

As soon as we got there, we noticed it was a very beautiful and picturesque town. We took many pics!

Can you see us... :D

Some galleries...

This is a sport that old men play around here. Im not quite sure, but I believe they try to roll a big ball close to a smaller ball and who ever is the closest wins.


By the rocky beach.

This is Cannes high-tech public restroom.

This is where the Cannes International Film Festival takes place.

Look I'm spiderman! or spiderwoman?

Me and Austin Powers! lol.

Walking on the red carpet! : )

I found this pretty white rose.

This garden is right beside the mall. Too bad the mall was closed!

EZE- The city of perfumes

Its a small town on top of a hill.

We visited a perfume factory called Fragonard but they didn't let us take pictures inside..: (..It was so interesting how they make perfumes!

The view of the ocean in Eze.

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