Saturday, March 7, 2009

Monte Carlo and Nice


We started our five hour drive to Monaco at 5 am. Im glad there were nice views along the way made it shorter than it seemed. I wasn't paying attention to the city signs so I never figured out which city this is..but i liked it!

We finally arrived at Monte Carlo, Monaco. Monaco has its own government and is the second smallest country after the Vatican in Rome. I was so excited to be here! It's known for its lavish casinos, the world famous Grand-Prix, and the fairy tale marriage of Princess Grace, an american movie star, to Prince Ranier.

The resort is famous to celebrities world-wide.

Me : )

This is a public garden at the base of Princess Caroline's mansion.

I couldn't believe it but they had cacti!

We toured the city and found out that this is the Parliament house of the country.

Beside the Parlianment, lies the Cathedral of Monaco. This is where Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly were married. She was buried here when she died of a car accident at the top of the mountain, which is right next to the town.

Inside the Cathedral. The royal burials are behind the alter.

There are several alters around the church.

We walked towards the Prince's Palace.

Prince's Palace of Monaco.

Changing of the Guards.
It is a tradition to change guards everyday at 11:55 am in front of the Palace. A lot of people show up for this.

More of the view on the other side of Monte Carlo. It is only 2 km wide.

We went back to the garden to take a few more pictures before we left to France.

We were trying not to squint under the bright sun!


Nice, is about 45 minutes away from Monte Carlo on the border of France. Nice is one of the most famous holiday destinations of Europe.

People walking by the beach.

This monument commerates the soldiers from World War I & II

This is the stairs to get to top of a palace

Can you believe this is a library? The base is supposed to be the neck and jaw of a person.

Fruit Candy

We passed by the pretty Flower Market.

This chocolate store is more than 200 years old!

We stopped by this water fountain before we got lost in town... : )

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