Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Vatican Museum in Rome

This was our first day at Rome. We were really excited to visit our first site, the Vatican Museum.

This huge golden sphere lies in the center of the Vatican Musuem. It represents the world.

I thought this laocoon sculptor was cool : ).

The golden bronze is Hercules.

I was actually moved when I looked at this painting. I could feel the sorrow and grief...

This room used to be the popes' office back in the early 16th century. It contains beautiful celestial paintings some done by Raffaello.

This is the Sistine Chapel, where cardinals select the new pope. The ceiling and walls portray many stories. Although it was dark in there it was surprisingly peaceful.

This is the story I liked best from the Sistine Chapel, when God created man.

I peeped into the window to take a look at the pope's garden.

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